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Vlan - Sep 28, 2007 - 13:05
Post subject: Pegasos2 G4 säljes
säljer min pegasos2a köpt från ggs-data.

linux och mos installerat, antec aria låda, 512 ram 100gb hd (tror jag)

en usb hub är dit satt i lådan så usb kontakterna på framsidan också funkar, skivor linux och mos medföljer samt tangent bord och mus.
datorn finns i SÖ skåne. 3000kr för kalaset är väl ok ?
Charvel - Sep 30, 2007 - 16:12
Post subject: Re: Pegasos2 G4 säljes
Man blir ju sugen...... Smile
josemrm - Jan 07, 2008 - 21:50
Post subject: Re: Pegasos2 G4 säljes

Still be interested in selling the pegasos2 g4? You can revise the price of a day today and I send the offer.

Incidentally, can you translate the message in the forum to English or Spanish because i don't know anything of Swedish (It is to know the characteristics or things will go if i bought it)

my last question is if Will go with CD Morphos add-on by ggs-data.se?

And the original CD morphos?
Ubuntu CD with instructions?

What do they would have the equipment already installed on the hard drive?

Thanks in advance, you write me in English or Spanish only to better understand and contact me via e-mail instead of through private message pegasos.org

Jose Mari Rodriguez
josemari -...at...- hirulan.es
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