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RockmanX - Dec 17, 2004 - 19:20
Post subject: Can't bootstrap Gentoo 2004.3!
Hello everyone!

I recently received my Pegasos and since I have to give away my PC, I need a good and complete system, so I need Linux!

I tried to install Gentoo with the minimal LiveCD and a stage1 tarball.
The problem is that when executing the bootstrap.sh script, and emerging gettext-0.12.1 (which is the first thing that the scripts tries to compile), I get a failure on "configure autoconf-lib-link": when "checking for C compiler default output file name..." it gives me an error like "cannot create executables"...
I already tried with the gettext experimental version (but it has the same problem) or updating gcc profile with gcc-config followed by env-update and source /etc/profile (thanks David!Wink), but without success...
The strange thing is that if I try to manually run configure in the gettext's build directory, it works normally....

Is there a way to tell emerge to use my manually created files?
Why does it work manually, but not automatically through emerge?
Did somebody experience the same problem?


-- RockmanX --
dholm - Dec 17, 2004 - 19:25
Post subject:
A couple of people have reported this bug. We are going to have a Gentoo/PPC meeting this weekend where I hope to address this issue. Meanwhile I recommend that you use stage3 Wink
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