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gunne - Apr 06, 2006 - 19:40
Post subject: Ambient.notes
As the public web cvs at sourceforge is a bit after for the moment, I post the last days changelog here if anyone have need for it.


$Id: ambient.notes,v 1.660 2006/04/06 01:08:18 tokaiz Exp $

 - prefswin_listerclass.c
   changed some labels and fixed underscore support for checkbox gadgets. (geit)
 - prefswin_windowclass.c
   added missing locale strings and renamed some labels. (geit)
 - columnslistclass.c
   added missing locale strings. (geit)
 - descparser.c debug.c debug.h menus.c
   - added DESCPARSER option to Debug menu for recognition and filetype parsing
   - besides enabling full debug with capslock on boot you can "setenv SAVE Ambient/all 1"
     which will do the same as long this var exists
   - it is now also possible to activate debug partitially by setting env
     vars (same Name as in Debug menu), e.g. "setenv SAVE Ambient/INIT 1" etc.

 - Makefile, Install
   create SYS:Prefs/Ambient/filetype sub directories according to mime
   specs (tokai)
 - recognition.db
   added more than 60 matching rules (tokai)
 - prefs.c/h updatelist.c appclass.c prefswin_windowclass.c prefswin_listerclass.c columnslistclass.c/h
   listview*.c/h classes.c/h iconviewclass.c iconclass.c findresultlistclass.c viewgroupclass.c viewapi.c/h
   + Added settings for default window dimensions in prefs/window (applies to iconview and listview).
  Moved view arguments template to viewapi.h
   + Added settings for listviewclass : devices and files mode can be configured independently.
  Columns layout (order, sort mode, shown/hidden, icons size) can be set. Other specific options
  can also be set for each mode.
   + Added date&time, user, group columns for files mode. Added human readable size option too.
   + Added "display assigns" option for devices mode.
   + Listview class now uses the common cache system for its icons and thumbnails (each size is cached
  independently, using a different hash).
   Please note that you may have to delete envarc:ambient.data and sys:prefs/ambient/ambient.prefs as
   some options could clash with previously saved ones (saved after 22.03.06). Sorry for that. (fab1)
 - thumbs.c
   Adjusted the generated hash to be the same as listview's one (for 64 pixels size), so that listview
   and iconview share the same cached images. (fab1)
 - gfx_pen.c
   Removed internal structures use. (fab1)
 - wbstart.c
   Apps without icon have their progdir in their homedir, not in ambient's homedir. (kiero)
 - appclass.c
   Check for LoadURI command without uri arg. (kiero)
 - cache.c
   Invalidating of entries did some not-completely-legal things with cache nodes. (kiero)
 - deficonpool.c/h
   Changed old, extension-based deficon system for new one, based on filetype. Devices use old
   system still. (kiero)
 - file_funct.c/h
   Removed isinfo(). duplicate from name.c. (kiero)
 - name.c/h
   Added name_truncateinfo/name_restoreinfo functions. (kiero)
 - findver.c/getdirsize.c/listviewclass.c
   Minor adjustments to new internals. (kiero)
 - iconclass.c/h
   Optimized image regeneration. Added _Refine attr. (kiero)
 - iconio.c/scandir.c
   Adjusted to new deficon scanner. Optimized memory allocations. (kiero)
 - iconviewclass.c
   Implemented new deficon scanner. (kiero)
 - mimetype.c
   Fixed merging of recognition.db types with user types. (kiero)
 - typescanner.c/threads.c
   Typescanner uses new deficon system. Optimized. Can generate thumnails if required. (kiero)
 - viewgroupclass.c
   String object was not disposed in some cases. (kiero)
 - config.h, mimetype.c
   USE_MIME_NOFALLBACKNAME, if used fallback "datatype" mimetype has no name and shows up
   empty. Helps when working on recognition.db (tokai)
 - mimetype.c mimeuri.h recog.c recog.h recognition.db
   - new recog command RECOGCMD_FINDSTRING: scans whole file for string occurence
   - cleaned up internal mimetypes definitions
   - try to detect os4 binaries properly by checking for __amigaos4__ symbol (not all
     OS4 bins can be detected that way yet). Other ELF binaries will be detected by
     recognition.db later as they do not need special handling inside Ambient.

   NOTE: to not slow down the yet unoptimized filytype scanning a temporary break for
         RECOGCMD_AND was added (see #warning in recog.h), but it *doesnt* handle OR, BLOCKIN
         and BLOCKOUT yet, so needs serious improvement. It should work fine with all current
         rules in recognition.db though. :P (tokai)

 - Makefile
   filetype count in "make stats" target (tokai)
 - recog.c
   added case insensitive string matching for recognition rules, use it like:
   "Match i<string>" or "Match <offset>,i<string>" (tokai)

 - Install
   copy recognition.db and cosmetics (tokai)
 - descparser.c
   fixed crash when no "Name" in AMTD block was found, also compare
   special keywords case insensitive now. (tokai)

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