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CygnusEd Pro 5 Update Release
Posted by: ironfist on Wednesday, January 24, 2007 - 09:35
Submitted by AndreasM
Today we release a Update for CygnusEd Pro 5 on our Page.

Click 'Read more' for changelog.
New features:
- When loading a file which is already present, CygnusEd now prompts you whether you want to load it again, activate the view into which the file has already been loaded, or cancel the operation.
- Mouse-wheel-assisted scrolling now accelerates the longer you turn the wheel.
- All requester windows (search & replace, text entry, number entry) are now resizable, and CygnusEd remembers their sizes.
- You can now search for text matching regular expressions instead of just for sequences of characters in the text. How regular expressions are constructed is described in the updated documentation.
- The new regular expression search also extends to the replacement text, which can use parts of the matching pattern.
- CygnusEd can now search and replace text in all currently open files instead of just within the view active at the time you opened the search requester window for.
- You can now make CygnusEd start searching for the text or regular expression you entered while you are entering it. This is called "live search". If CygnusEd cannot find what you were looking for, it will signal you briefly, and if could find something, the matching text will be highlighted.
- The area to search and/or replace text in can now be limited by the size of the currently highlighted block.
- The search can for text or regular expressions can now be made to ignore accents on characters.
- Through the use of special key words that appear in the first ten lines of a text file what CygnusEd should do after loading these files. You can change the view settings, the cursor position, the right margin, etc.
- You can now tell Ed where to put the cursor when loading a file into CygnusEd.
- The copy and paste feature in the text and search & replace requester windows no longer causes the current text to be replaced when you paste the clipboard contents.
- All file operations which can overwrite existing files no longer silently replace files but prompt you for confirmation.
- When loading an auto-save file, CygnusEd now shows you how large the original and the auto-save file is, and when each file was last changed.
- You can now copy or cut a text block and insert it with each line auto-indented like the line the cursor is on.
- How large the CygnusEd window is, and where it opens, can now be controlled from the command line.

Bugs fixed:
- OS4 final has (limited) memory protection, which clashed with CygnusEd and MetaMac because they could attempt to modify data in memory which was supposed to remain constant. This affected both loading of macro files and of the ARexx command list.
- Trying to centre a line of text could crash if the line was wider than what the right margin permitted.
- Ed will no longer attempt to load all files matching a pattern if the TrueMultiAssign patch is active.
- The size of the CygnusEd window no longer shrinks when you reopen it.
- In CygnusEd shifting out a single of text could fail to work.
- CygnusEd no longer deletes auto-save files by accident, mistaking them for something else.
- In CygnusEd cut & paste operations that are likely to be undoable due to memory shortage no longer proceed as usual but require a confirmation from the user.
- The auto-indent settings are now saved in the configuration file.
- The mouse-wheel-assisted scrolling operations can no longer end up getting recorded as macro events.

CED Website

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