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Amiga OS4 news September
Posted by: ironfist on Saturday, October 01, 2005 - 17:17
Submitted by tomazkid
These Amiga OS4 news are presented in co-operation with AmigaRulez and

Click 'Read more' for all Amiga news in September.
Two major events took place, Pianeta Amiga and Big Bash 3.
World premiers at those shows:
At BB3 Simon Archer demonstrated a touch-screen that worked very well with OS4.

At Pianeta Amiga an announcement was made that OS4 was running on the
440PPC processor from IBM. This processor is used mainly for handheld devices.
No further clues though.
The screen dragging feature was shown on an A1XE and for the first time in Amiga history a new useful feature: drag & drop of icons between differents screens was shown, an implementations by Massimo Tantignone.

Jocke 'Zerohero' Birging has done cross-compiler setup for AmigaOS4 and for 68k,
with basic step-by-step guide on how to setup cross-compilers, with an AmigaOS 4 target and AmigaOS 3.x target on linux and cygwin.
It includes binaries for i586-linux, i686-cygwin and ppc-linux.
<a href=>OS4-target
<a href=> OS3.x-target

AmiPodder has reached version 1.2, making it very usable.
Podcasting is a new way for anyone (from large companies to individuals) to distribute radio programs they have made themselves.
It works in AmigaOS 4, AmigaOS 3.9 and propably with MorphOS too.
Read more at: <a href=>

TuneNet has now got support for plugins.
This means it is now possible to play Audio CD's (under the OS4's CD filesystem) and 16bit AIFF files through TuneNet.
TuneNet is a MP3 player and streamer for Amiga OS4,
and can be found here:<a href=>

Davy Wentzler has been working hard with the soundcard-drivers for OS4.
A major brekthrough was when he recently discovered that the issues with emu10k-based cards, mainly used by Creative, that could give a system lockup when playing sounds and using the network, was due to the Soundblaster-cards generating too many IRQ-interrupts per second. By changing an IRQ timer that was set to generate 1000 interrupts per second to 80Hz instead, Dave hopes to have solved the problem.
It seems that the VIA686B PIC isn't too happy about handling many IRQ's/second.

Pagestream 5.0 beta is announced for both AmigaOS 4, 68k and morphOS.
Betas are available to all who purchase it before the final version is made available.
<a href=>

Version 0.8.28 of the portable Amiga emulator, E-UAE, has been released by Richard Drummond.
Binaries are available for AmigaOS (both AmigaOS4 and classic 68k machines) and for the AmigaOS clones MorphOS and AROS as well as a Linux, MacOS X and BeOS.
This version features a tweaked AmigaOS graphics driver which now works properly on AmigaOS4 update #3 and the OS4.0 build offers better performance, an improved SCSI emulation (this lets you access host CD-ROM drives directly), AmigaInput support and at last a useful CD32 emulation
E-UAE can be found at <a href=>

<a href=>

OS4-depot now contains over 500 files.
File number 500 was copyicon.lha by Stephan Rupprecht.
CopyIcon let's you copy icon images from one icon to another one.

Stéphane Guillard has made an OS4-port of the OpenPCI-library
OpenPCI is an effort by Benjamin Vernoux to create a cross platform
PCI API, to ease porting PCI drivers.

The open.source Apache HTTP Server has reached version 1.3.33.
It includes support of PHP 5.0.4, MySQL 3.23.49 and has now a working

Andrea Palmatè has made an OS4-version of Battle for Wesnoth.
The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.
<a href= >

Some new game ports as well updated ports available:

Duke Nukem 3D, Blobtrix, The Ur-Quan Masters, Tic Tac Toe, Rise of the Triad, Fish Fillets NG update, Gemdropx.

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Re: Amiga OS4 news September

(Score: 1)
by Develin on Oct 01, 2005 - 17:27
(User information  | Send a message
Good idea tomazkid with cross news like this, thumbs up ;-)
It's good that each "block" have some sort of balance what happens in this world IMO.

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