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AmigaOS4 news summary for October
Posted by: ironfist on Wednesday, November 02, 2005 - 05:00
Submitted by tomazkid
The monthly summary of OS4-news from the Amigarulez and news-exchange co-operation.

Hyperion Entertainment unveiled a dedicated official site about the upcoming Amiga OS 4.0 for PowerPC CPU's.
Davy Wentzler
managed to get the via686b onboard audio driver for the AmigaOne XE going, after Steven Brookes discovered what was missing.
Normally, the BIOS/firmware sets up some registers of the VIA that make it work (ACPI), this was missing, so back then it was thought it was a hardware issue.
Only the first batch(es) of A1's actually have the AC'97 chip physically on the board.
Unfortunately, it was taken off later on as Eyetech didn't think it was ever going to work.
Istvan Fellner has released
DvPlayer version 0.49 and WarpView.
WarpView is an image viewer which uses Warp3D to display the images. The advantage of using Warp3D is fast high quality scaling.
WarpView requires AmigaOS4 and a Radeon graphics card. The current version of WarpView has no software clipping, which means it currently doesn't work on graphics cards like Voodoo3 (software clipping will be added in a later version).
WarpView is FREEWARE and avalaible at OS4depot.
DVplayer is a native movie-player for OS4.

APC&TCP announced the worldwide distribution of MED Soundstudio 2.
MED Soundstudio 2 is the official successor of the world famous OctaMED Soundstudio v1.03c and will be released early next year for use on the AmigaOS 4.
However there is also the possibility of 68k and MorphOS versions to follow.
More information about the features and the actual release date of MED Soundstudio 2 will be availableat their website within the next couple of Months.
The OS4-native MP3 player and streamer TuneNet came in a new version.
The latest version features include Stream Recording, AIFF CD play and Protracker support

Some news of new hardware came.
Guru Meditation made a press-release, telling about a prototype model featuring an AGP-slot running in 66mhz PCI-mode, and 2 PCI-slots. This prototype is not the Amy05, it's a new motherboard to come from Troika.

The amount of files at OS4-depot has reached 645 files (1.11.2005)
Amongst the major ones are:
The VIA686B A1 onboard AHI driver, for the onboard AC97 sound-chip on the A1XE.
ColEm, a Colecovision emulator. This new version now includes sound.
Warpview, A fast Image Viewer using Warp3D.
SimplePlay 3.0, a music and sound player for OS4 based on the SDL_Mixer library, currently it plays the following formats: MP3, OGG, MOD, IT, S3M, XM, WAV, VOC, MIDI, AIFF.
XNet-RSS, a native AmigaOS4.0 RSS News reader.
dca_codec, DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder
The dca.codec helps all avcodec.library using application (for example: DvPlayer) to be able to decode DTS sounds from mpeg2 streams.
distcc, an OS4-port of the distcc distributed C/C++ compiler,
Distcc is a program to distribute builds of C, C++, Objective C or Objective C++ code across several machines on a network.

And of course loads of games were uploaded this month as well.

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