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AmigaOS & CD32 loader
Posted by: gunne on Sunday, January 08, 2006 - 11:47
Submitted by gunne
Marcel 'Frostwork' Unbehaun released a new nice creation for your Pegasos II computer.

This time a loader that loads and boots directly into the genuine Amiga® operating system or CD32 on your Pegasos II, displaying a nice splash-screen during loading.

As default it boots directly into an inserted CD32-CD.

As usual the software-archive is available as free download as torrent in the download section, link in the left column.

Direct link to the torrent file here

Many thanks to Marcel for this nice creation ! Click Read More for further information

    From the included README

    • boots directly into an inserted cd32-cd
    • ac97-sound
    • (usb) joypad
    • keyboard
    • mouse
    • In general everything you can do with e-uae (thanks a lot Richard) should also work with this. So you should f.e. be able to replace the (cd32-)uaerc with your A-WB-3.X-uaerc and boot directly into your favourite WB-version :)

      Requirements (default)
    • a Pegasos2 ( Pegasos1 maybe also works )
    • a Radeon for splashscreen
    • cd32 kickstarts
    • cd32 cd(s)

    • Copy everything in this archive onto your boot-partition ( README, COPYING, e-uae-docs dir & src dir not required ). The boot-partition has to be the 1st partition on 1st hd. (this should be the case on almost every pegasos out there) Replace the two textfiles CD32.rom & ext_cd32.rom in the cd32-cfg dir with your appropriate cd32-kickstarts.

      • type "boot cd32" in OpenFirmware insert a cd32-cd in cd-drive :)

      • don't touch #!/bin/bash
      • swapon is commented out per default, if you need it uncomment it & replace hdXX with your swap-hd (for cd32 it's not really useful ;) )
      • "sleep 5" is required,as without the (usb)-joystick won't be recognized. You can de-/increase it if "5" isn't good for you or comment out if you don't like joysticks...
      • "/usr/local/bin/uae -f /booty/cd32-cfg/uaerc" starts the important part with the uaerc in the cd32-cfgs dir...

      • /bin/bash is ON per default, if you prefer one of the next 2 lines, comment out /bin/bash & uncomment one of the next
      • halt -f
        If ON your Peg will shutdown immediately (should be save as the only mounted hd is mounted ro)
      • reboot -f
        If ON your Peg will reboot immediately (should be save as the only mounted hd is mounted ro)

    • You can mount hds with following filesystems if you want to change your uaerc and/or start-misc script...
      compiled in:
      ext2, ext3, affs
      asfs, fat, vfat

    • included is the used kernel-config (2.6.15) & the used initrd image if you want to make similar ( ATM i'm writing a bigger HOWTO, which hopefully will be finished soon)


Have fun!

Marcel "Frostwork" Unbehaun

AmigaOS & CD32 loader | Log-in or register a new user account | 1 Comment
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Re: AmigaOS & CD32 loader

(Score: 1)
by FlyingWish on Jan 17, 2011 - 14:58
(User information  | Send a message
Does it automatically boot up the version of AmigaOS that came with the CD32 (for cd-rom support purposes?)? Thank you very much for the help.)

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