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January OS4 news-summary
Posted by: ironfist on Thursday, February 02, 2006 - 10:04
Submitted by tomazkid
The monthly news-exchange between Amigarulez and

The file-counter at OS4-depot is at 808 files (31.1.2006).
Major uploads this month:
GNU core utilities, this version adresses some issues with the OS4 SDK.
CAMD driver for USB Class MIDI devices, the driver provides CAMD access to USB devices that are "USB Class Compatible".
A native OS4 RSS News Reader
Ogg Vorbis Plugin for TuneNet
Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell, this is a Bourne/POSIX compatible shell, usefull when porting apps from POSIX systems.
Perl 5.8.5 AmigaOS4,it is a totally native port and requires no ixemul.
An OS4-version of Frozen Bubble ;)
And as usual, a bunch of program updates and SDL-game ports.

The FPSE Emulator for OS4 by Mathias Roslund got a Warp3D plugin.
Version 0.6 of BarsnPipes for OS4 came, that makes use of the new CAMD-USB-MIDI drivers with new MIDI-Tools.
Available from
Expat 2.0.0 was released.
Expat is an XML parser library written in C, now with support for AmigaOS.
SOMS 3D, came with a version for OS4.SOMS is a "horror game", meant to be be played in a dark room and loud volume. :D
Magnus Hammarström has put up a page for Lexikon, which is a Swedish - English dictionary by Roland Bengtsson, who has given out the program for free and the source-code as well, which will be out later under the GPL-license.
Lexikon works with AmigaOS4, 3.1, 3.5 och 3.9. (MorphOS untested).
OS4 Pre-release Update 4 is still in the works, latest word is that it is in beta-testing, which hopefully means that it will be released during February.
Amigarulez PDA
Amigarulez is now available with a mobile-phone via, you can access various RSS-feeds via this page as well, even if your mobile-phone doesn't have a native RSS-reader :)


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