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Topic: Pegasos

The new items published under this topic are as follows.

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Pegasos Mousepads available
Posted by: ironfist on Saturday, April 16, 2005 - 21:31
Submitted by AndreasM
Pegasos Mousepads are now available! You can order the Mousepads in the Onlineshop from APC&TCP.

All preorders were dispatched today.

More information

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Description of ODW Linux Cluster - AppNote 2913
Posted by: ironfist on Friday, April 15, 2005 - 19:38
Submitted by ironfist
A 28-page PDF describing an example Linux Cluster using Open Desktop Workstations are now online at Freescale website.

This application note describes the steps to create and build a cluster of Genesi Pegasos (or any Linux combination) machines so that one file system can be shared and the same users can login to each machine.

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Luminocity X-LiveDVD
Posted by: ironfist on Wednesday, April 13, 2005 - 16:27
Submitted by ironfist
Pieter Van Den Abeel posts on his Blog:
"The Gentoo PowerPC team successfully implemented automatic X-configuration a while ago and producing a few X-LiveCDs to demo this new functionality has been part of the PowerPC teams wishlist for quite a while.."

This LiveCD also integrates a Smart Card identification system. Genesi has sent some readers/writers and cards to the team to help them out. These smart cards can be used for login, e-mail signing, websites etc.

Genesi plans on selling the cards and readers as an expansion pack for the Open Desktop Workstation. Developers will recieve them for free.

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MorphOS News Awarded Best of Web
Posted by: ironfist on Tuesday, April 12, 2005 - 20:23
Submitted by ironfist
MorphOS News was awarded Best of Web Q1 2005 by Genesi. This award is given out to Pegasos-specific sites who stands out from the croud. was awarded the Q4 2004 medal.

Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco informed us in their Blog about the award, aswell the RC5-72 Strike.

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Genesi Pegasos listed in Crucial Memory Advisor
Posted by: ironfist on Thursday, April 07, 2005 - 20:59
Submitted by ironfist
Maybe this is old - or new. I have no idea. I saw it listed when I checked out their site. Recognition outside our community is always good.

With their Memory Advisor(tm) you can find compatible Crucial memory modules for both the Pegasos I and II. You may purchase them directly online.

Memory Advisor(tm)

Update: For us Swedes it is better to use the same memory selector on

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Genesi Press Release in Chinese
Posted by: ironfist on Tuesday, March 01, 2005 - 15:11
Submitted by ironfist
Genesi has issued a Chinese press release. An English version is on the way.

In the meantime - have a look at the presentation.

Update 2005-03-01, 20:02 CET: Have a look at this project presentation (English) at Freescale's website.

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Two Pegasos mousepad joint orders
Posted by: kozz on Monday, February 28, 2005 - 19:18
Submitted by AndreasM
After the success of the last joint order concerning Pegasos mousepads and the wish of many users to get another theme we have decided to start another joint order.

This time you've got a choice between two different mousepads.

The mousepad is for preorderers 7,20 euros (later about 8) plus shipping costs.

The proorders are running till 12.3.2005. After that the mousepad goes straight into production.

We don't know exactly how long the manufacture will take. The last time it was only a few days. But we have set April as the shipping day because we dont't want to get into a delay.

The mousepads can be ordered at the APC&TCP onlineshop. Foreign users are able to choose Paypal for payment. Of course a simple email to order will do it too. :)

In the support section of the APC&TCP homepage you can find preview pics of the mousepads.



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Genesi Intern in 4L Trophy Rally
Posted by: dholm on Friday, February 18, 2005 - 18:12
Submitted by dholm
According to this press release issued by Genesi yesterday one of their interns, Ludovic Laniepce, is participating in the 4L Trophy 2005 rally. Each participant in the rally brings 50kg of school supplies on their way from Paris to Morocco. These supplies will be distributed to various schools in Morocco upon arrival.

To show your support please send Ludo an SMS at +33688773095.
Some pictures of Ludo and his car are available in the Genesi gallery.

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Pegasos Support IRC-channel from Genesi
Posted by: gunne on Wednesday, February 16, 2005 - 16:34
Submitted by gunne
There is a new irc-channel set up for support of the Pegasos.


Channel: #pegasosppc

Freenode website

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Pegasos Portable Project
Posted by: ironfist on Saturday, January 29, 2005 - 09:50
Submitted by ironfist
Dr. Zarkov built the first portable Pegasos computer.
There is a complete - German - description of his project.

Pegasos Portable Project

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