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Post subject: SeaMoneky and LinuxPPC  PostPosted: Oct 23, 2005 - 08:20
Order of the Butterfly
Order of the Butterfly

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There seems to be some problems with later versions of SeaMoneky (Mozilla suite) and compiling it on LinuxPPC, there seems to be a bug in gcc which causes thorubles with the compile.

I have a dirty fix for this (seems to work on source from 20051021), do this before you done the configration.
--- configure   2005-10-23 11:17:06.055949664 +0200
+++ configure   2005-10-23 11:23:02.878704360 +0200
@@ -7544,13 +7544,15 @@

-        VISIBILITY_FLAGS='-I$(DIST)/include/system_wrappers -include $(topsrcdi
+        VISIBILITY_FLAGS='-fvisibility=hidden'
 fi     # GNU_CC



Sadly I haven't managed to compile with qt toolkit, but the gtk+xft combination still works, but you need to patch the configure file, before you configure.

diff -Nur mozilla.orig/configure mozilla/configure
--- mozilla.orig/configure   2004-05-16 18:08:45.606427152 +0200
+++ mozilla/configure       2004-05-16 18:11:59.245989464 +0200
@@ -12923,4 +12923,1 @@

-if test "$MOZ_ENABLE_XFT" && test -z "$MOZ_ENABLE_GTK2"; then
-    { echo "configure: error: Cannot enable XFT support for non-GTK2 toolkits."
 1>&2; exit 1; }

When making a gtk+xft version of SeaMonkey, you can remove the bad dependencies toward Gnome2 and it seems to get smaller and faster too.

The "transfer animation" is nowdays quite uggly, if you like the M more, then you need to extract the animations from an older version of Mozilla (look for <1.7.5) and replace the images before you compile as they will be part of the themes.

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