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Kristian a.k.a Ironfist bringing gifts. He surprised me and David
Holm with a Christmas gift. One for me and one for David. The gift
was an "USB CUP WARMER" model LY-L32. The specifications say:

* 5V DC, 500mA
* USB Port Clear cable: 1.5M
* Dimensions: 115x115x25mm, Heating zone diameter: 75mm
* Heating area temperature: about 70 degrees Celsius

This "USB CUP WARMER" can also be used as a charger for
some of Nokia's mobile phones, and the models are: Nokia 3310,
8210, 8250.

Trial And Error

The first test I did was to try and reheat a cup of cold coffee.
After a little more then 25 minutes I gave up. The coffee was
still cold. But the heating plate was hot (so that worked), maybe
reheating is not the way to go ;). And if I have to wait more
then 20+ minutes for my coffee. It needs to be _really_ good coffee.

So on to the next test. Hot fresh coffee and a LY-L32. This needs
to work, when you are struggling with some nasty code or a hardware
problem. The last thing in your mind is "Need to drink all the coffee
before it gets cold", no you are giving all you attention to the
problem and later you regret this and take a sip of cold coffee. And
all you coffee drinking people knows that cold coffee isn't good.
Well some of you out there seems to like cold coffee, I really don't
get the idea, cold coffee it's the same as hot cola. It doesn't
tasted good.

Well did the LV-L32 work?

Yes it did, it was excellent. I waited a long time before I tasted
the coffee from the LV-L32. Don't worry in the meantime I had another
cup to fill my caffeine needs. The coffee on the LV-L32 didn't taste
funny or bad, it was hot. Well not "Fresh Brewed, Hot" but hot enough
for me.

An experience for your taste buds

This review would not be complete without comparing the taste of coffee heated
by different computers. For the purpose of this test an Open Desktop
Workstation and a PowerBook were used. Gevalia E-Brygg brewed in a Philips
Café Délice served as beverage.
The first test was conducted by having the ODW power the LV-L32. A fresh cup
of coffee was drawn from the brewer and placed on the heating plate. A couple
of seconds later I took it off the plate and let the aroma do its magic. My
impressions were that it had a plastic smell with a faint hint of sausage. A
sip later I could conclude that it had a soft taste with a bittersweet aftereffect.

Next one up was the PowerBook powered cup. My first impression was that it
seemed to deliver slightly more power. The power button was brighter and the
initial impression when tasting can only be described as "über hot". Instead of
the somewhat plastic odour emitted by the ODW it had more of a nutty bouquet.
It did not have the soft taste of the initial cup, instead it was very rough.

All in all I would like to believe that both cups tasted "ok". If anything is to
blame here I would have to condemn the coffee since it was definitely not the
king of the crop.

Conclusion. Thanks Kristian for the great gift. All coffee drinking
geeks should have one. The LY-L32 worked great, and I assure you all
that this will be one of those things you didn't knew you needed. But
always wanted.


Images of the LY-L32 can be found in the gallery, reviews section. The Images
are taken by David Holm. And the review are written by Johan Gulldén and David

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Added:  Monday, December 13, 2004
Reviewer:  Johan Gullden
hits: 5686

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