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Report from PUSH 2005
Posted by: gunne on Sunday, February 27, 2005 - 19:49
Submitted by gunne
Here is my report from PUSH 2005 !

This edition of PUSH was even nicer then the the last one, and a springboard to more comming.

More participators, and AmigaOne, MacinTosh and Pegasos users.

Thanks to Göran Boklund we this time also had the best speaker equipment you can think of.

The PUSH server was maintained in a very good way by maintainer, Emanuel (kozz) Steen. There became as small problem with conflicting ip adresses between the local PUSH network and the internal gbit network in the server itself. This part have to be maintained for the server itself using a serial terminal, and a special kernel was also to be adapted and compiled at the time being for nfs for the tftp booting booting boards in the server.

A picture on the server is to find here:

Server picture

Thanks to Stefan (Develin) Blixth for pictures, see his other pictures here

Jonas Öberg, who was to speak about software patent, got ill on the Friday, and couldn't make it to PUSH. As I myself was busy during the Friday, and most of Saturday, I didn't get time for checking email until Saturday afternoon, so I didn't get his message until then. Little pity, but there will come more chances.

Several presentations where held.

AmigaOS 4,

I had myself an introduction to AmigaOne µ-A1-C, and took in that context the chance to also inform around the fixes for udma/usb for AmigaOne XE boards. After having discussed with AmigaOne users at PUSH and also otherwise, we got the impresssion that many do not feel its to rushy to make modifications on their motherboards. The possibility to have it made is there anyway, and we discussed how we can do it in the simpliest way, without the user need to send their boards away for a couple of weeks.

Daniel (deniil) Westerberg was at PUSH with his A1 G4 XE, and if I not misunderstood he completed a new version of his mplayer GUI during PUSH. Jocke (Zerohero) Birging was also at PUSH, and he showed me a little bit of his MUI programming projects.

There was no presentation of this on the big display this time, but it was of course no problem to get a personal presentation directly at PUSH for anyone interested.

Also som other possible programming projects where up for the discussions around.


Sigbjörn (CISC) Skjaeret have put together a special version, 1.666, only for PUSH, and Mark (bigfoot) Olsen where also at PUSH. Both very skilful MorphOS developers, and very nice they made it to PUSH. Mark told us he had 2D drivers ready for Radeon 9800, and was working on 3D drivers for this card. Sigbjörn demonstrated how well the 3D drivers works and performs within MorphOS by showing the game Neverball etc. He also showed his special AltiVec optimized version (the CISC edition) of mplayer, and which is needed to play certains part of Matrix in full speed and with perfect picture quality. He also demonstrated the inbuilt AlitiVec and optimized scaling/showing of large pictures. He also showed how many new functions within MUI have been even better integrated.

A very nice presentation of CISC, and a big thank you to him for this. Maybe we shall call MorphOS 1.666 the CISC edition as well ? :-)

I also got a small demonstration of Johan Rönnblom and his handwriting and text recognize software for MorphOS, and which he also did some work on during PUSH. Also this was very nice, and perhaps a showcase about this on the big display next time also.


David (dholm) Holm had a very nice presentation about Gentoo and Gentoo Linux, and told us about the background and how Gentoo started. He also told us about their new discussions and the interest from Apple about to eventually having Gentoo in MacOS X. He also told us little about how the package system portage works in Gentoo, and that they have a very active group of developers within Gentoo that is focusing on PowerPC.


Kristian (ironfist) Eklund had his presentation of Crabfire up and running all the time for people to take part of.


Mikael (lisardman) Karlsson was the one who this time made the quiz, and for having the final winner he was needed to run a game of (sten - sax - påse), (stone - scissor - bag). Very fun.

PUSH became a very nice party and event, and very nice that users of different PowerPC platforms can come together in this way for sharing info and ideas. Several wanted a new party already this summer, so we have to see what we can do about this. It looks like PUSH can be a very prominent part in bringing people of different PowerPC platforms together in this way. And as PUSH this time had more participators it became plus in the cashbox, which is good for the future.

I would like to give a big thank you to all people who engage themself into PUSH, and have contributed with material and work and of course also thank you to all participators and visitors.

A very big thank you to Samsung who contributed with nice TFT monitors, which was used very diligent, and made it easier for participators with little bit of travelling.

Would also like to mention that GGS-Data contributed with part of the cost for the local and with some network equipments and other things.

And finally, GGS-Data will give 3% discount on complete AmigaOne µ-A1-C or Pegasos II system as regard for for the admission ticket, so perhaps you might find the PUSH ticket a merit ticket.

And do not miss the video of the PUSH morning training activity, if it will make it to the net !

It feels like I have missed to mention a lot of things...

Have a good time !

Gunne Steen

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Re: Report from PUSH 2005

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by dholm on Feb 28, 2005 - 10:51
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Please upload all your pictures to the PUSH05.1 gallery on
If you have pictures from PUSH04.1 that are missing from the gallery please add them as well (to the PUSH04.1 category).

Thank you!

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