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Description: MOSNet, networking software for MorphOS.
Version: 0.15 | File size: 2.52 MB
Added on: 23-Dec-2005 | Downloads: 6828
Home page | Details

Descent:Freespace2 for MorphOS

Description: Descent:Freespace2 for MorphOS
Version: 1.0 | File size: 1.72 MB
Added on: 06-Nov-2005 | Downloads: 6578
Home page | Details

ScummVM 0.8, MorphOS

Description: This is a morphos port of scummvm-0.8. It requires PowerSDL v10 or later.

Contact me at if you encounter any problem.

Version: 0.8 | File size: 2.36 MB
Added on: 04-Nov-2005 | Downloads: 6089
Home page | Details

E-UAE 0.8.28, MorphOS

Description: This archive contains two versions of e-uae 0.8.28 :
- e-uae.sdl : SDL version, requiring powersdl.library 10 or later. The SDL build supports P96 and on-the-fly screen/window switching, unlike native version.
- e-uae : native build, a bit faster and supporting overlay output (use amiga.use_overlay = yes option in the config file to enable it).

Sample config files are also included. They can be used by typing e-uae -f <config file>.
Version: 0.8.28 | File size: 1.96 MB
Added on: 04-Nov-2005 | Downloads: 5304
Home page | Details

AmiRUS software

Description: AmiRUS, software for Amiga, linux and MorphOS
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 12-Nov-2005 | Downloads: 5046
Home page | Details


Description: This little application patches the ColdReboot() function in exec. It brings
up a requester with a ticking timeout when you press CTRL-LCMD-RCMD
(if enabled) or when an application calls the ColdReboot() function.
It handles reset-handlers (as it still calls the original function once
resetting) and it can be configured by passing argumnents to it via a shell
or by configuring the tooltypes in the icon.
Version: 1.3 | File size: 26.38 Kb
Added on: 07-Aug-2004 | Downloads: 2811
Home page | Details

ETW - Morphos

Description: Fotball game.

Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 11-Sep-2005 | Downloads: 2672
Home page | Details


Description: CyberLemmings adds themeable pets to your wb, that fall, walk and
climb on your windows, jump with a skipping-rope, and even teleport
themselves between windows on the workbench screen.

Finally you have a few friends that keep you company when no-one
else will.
Version: 1.1 | File size: 333.92 Kb
Added on: 07-Aug-2004 | Downloads: 2544
Home page | Details

Part 1

Description: Introduction
Version: | File size: 52.70 Kb
Added on: 08-Jul-2005 | Downloads: 1994
Home page | Details

Mounting virtual disk guide.

Description: Mounting virtual floppy and ISO-files within MorphOS and AmigaOS.
Version: 1.0 | File size: 3.05 Kb
Added on: 20-Jun-2004 | Downloads: 1903
Home page | Details

Part 2

Description: How to open windows
Version: | File size: 73.88 Kb
Added on: 24-Mar-2004 | Downloads: 1718 | Rating: 8.0 (1 Vote)

Home page | Details | Comments (1)

Quake III Arena for MorphOS

Description: MorphOS version of the Quake III Arena.
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 18-Sep-2005 | Downloads: 1612
Home page | Details

Quake III Arena for Linux PPC

Description: Quake III Arena for Linux PPC.

Here is link to SVN:
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 18-Sep-2005 | Downloads: 1516
Home page | Details

Quake3 Mods

Description: Quake3 Mods, hosted by bigfoot.
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 04-Sep-2005 | Downloads: 1509
Home page | Details

Foobillard MorphOS

Description: This is a MorphOS port of Foobillard by Florian Berger (
Requires MorphOS 1.4.x width 3D drivers and recent powersdl.library by Ilkka Lehtoranta.
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 10-Sep-2005 | Downloads: 1331
Home page | Details

usergroup.library 4.3

Description: usergroup.library 4.3 for MorphOS
Version: 4.3 | File size: 35.73 Kb
Added on: 12-Oct-2005 | Downloads: 1259
Home page | Details

ezTCP 0.11

Description: ezTCP 0.11 for MorphOS
Version: | File size: 370.58 Kb
Added on: 20-Oct-2005 | Downloads: 1213
Home page | Details

ezTCP 0.7

Description: ezTCP, version 0.7
Version: 0.7 | File size: 205.79 Kb
Added on: 03-Oct-2005 | Downloads: 1198
Home page | Details

ezTCP 0.6

Description: ezTCP 0.6 (TCP-stack for MorphOS)
Version: 0.6 | File size: 205.79 Kb
Added on: 01-Oct-2005 | Downloads: 1175
Home page | Details


Description: usergroup.library for MorphOS
Version: 4.1 | File size: 14.30 Kb
Added on: 01-Oct-2005 | Downloads: 1160
Home page | Details

usergroup.library 4.2

Description: usergroup.library v4.2
Version: 4.2 | File size: 13.89 Kb
Added on: 03-Oct-2005 | Downloads: 1156
Home page | Details

ezTCP 0.8

Description: ezTCP 0.8 for MorphOS
Version: 0.8 | File size: 334.06 Kb
Added on: 12-Oct-2005 | Downloads: 1118
Home page | Details

Mupper 0.3

Description: Mupper is a Rescue-cd project for the pegasos computers. Mupper is based on Gentoo/Linux. Mupper contains various tools like parted, midnight-commander and support for various filesystems (not SFS), but support for FAT,VFAT, ReiserFS,XFS and EXT3. Some network tools is also included like snort and tcpdump.
Version: 0.3 | File size: 81.06 MB
Added on: 26-Aug-2005 | Downloads: 919
Home page | Details


Description: Bonnie is a i/o benchmark program for unix like systems.

This is for MorphOS.
Version: 1.0 | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 09-Sep-2005 | Downloads: 741
Home page | Details

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