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Q/A with Scandinavian MorphOS Development
Posted by: on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 21:07
Submitted by ironfist sent some questions over to CISC, Piru and Bigfoot. They answered them very well and it sure is worth reading!

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1. For how many years have you been directly involved in MOS development?

<Piru> Over 4 years.

<CISC> Hmmm, I think it must be 3 years now (I got involved right after 0.4 was released IIRC), I had some problems with MorphOS, which after a heavy debugging session with Laire turned out to be a bug triggered by the FastlaneZ3 .. anyway, I guess Laire took a shine to my log-making skillz (LOL! ;) ), and he gradually let me tinker with other stuff that pestered me (cdrive etc) until one day I had touched pretty much everything. ;)

<bigfoot> Around two and a half years

2. If you have any other commitments besides your MorphOS development, whats that?

<Piru> Nothing worth mentioning.

<CISC> My newly arrived grandson! ;)

<bigfoot> Commitments? What's that?

3. What was your feeling about the PUSH event, should we try to do a new PUSH in a year, half a year, or so?

<CISC> PUSH was great, though it would have been even more fun if more people (for bigfoot to crush in Quake! :D ) had shown up (but I know atleast 2 people who sorely regret not going. ;) ), let's hope there'll be more next time...

<bigfoot> ASAP :)

4. What would you like to say is the benefit in using MorphOS as operating system compared with other OS:es?

<Piru> MorphOS is very efficient and modular, thus easy to modify and patch, much like original AmigaOS was.

<CISC> The responsiveness definitely, but mostly because of its legacy API (and new wonderful extensions (it's fun being part of OS development. ;) )), and its ease of use for programmers .. also, all the nice eyecandy by our top pixelpushers (hi JoBBo, Nowee and Ocinel! ;) ) doesn't hurt... ;)

<bigfoot> It doesn't piss me off constantly? :)

5. What do you think about the Pegasos hardware - is it really the best PowerPC solution, hardware wise, available on the market of today?

<Piru> Considering the performance / price ratio, it is. There are faster PPC hw around (read: Apple G5), but Pegasos II is clearly the cheapest and best bang-per-buck solution.

<CISC> The Pegasos is great, however I do not know that many PowerPC solutions, so I dare not say if it really is the best or not (HW-wise it's tough to compete with Apple), but surely it's among the best (esp. when accounting for price)! ;)

<bigfoot> Probably depends on your definition of best. It definitely isn't the fastest, but it is small, and isn't the monster the Apple G5 machines are :)

6. Do the MorphOS development have any conncetion with the AROS team, and in that case, what does it consist in?

<Piru> MorphOS team uses various AROS components in MorphOS. We've improved and adjusted these components and AROS team gets the changes back, and can use whatever they find useful. Personally I hang around #aros, too.

<CISC> Yes, we initially contacted Aaron Digulla (the project coordinator) when it was evident that there were alot of gaps in MorphOS we needed to fill fast to get a usable OS for the Pegasos (on the Amiga MorphOS could just map the missing parts to the ROM), so quite a few diskbased components are based on AROS sources, as well as some "ROM" ones (dos, gadtools, intuition) .. this worked out great for both teams as it meant AROS components got wider testing (esp. for binary compatability), and alot of fixes back from us...
<jacaDcaps> Many MorphOS components were based on AROS, for example core modules like dos, intuition or gadtools libraries were ported from AROS source tree. The whole dos.library source with MorphOS changes and fixed was contributed back to AROS. During intuition/gadtools development I've often exchanged emails with Georg Steger about internals, compatibility fixes/workarounds, noticed lockups. Our intuition tree is also periodically synchronised with AROS source tree, excluding MorphOS extensions.

Although adapting AROS source to a OS3.x compatible environment took a lot of time it was a great help in the early days of MorphOS. Despite all the bugs and problems having all the basic work done saved us a lot of time we would have to spend on making a PPC version of intuition/gadtools from scratch.

<bigfoot> I believe this one has already been answered ;)

7. What is the benefit - from your point of view - in using the Pegasos instead of other hardware solutions?

<Piru> The number one benefit is the quiet computing. Second is low heat dissipation. Third is low power consumption. These all are pretty much connected... :)

<CISC> Quiet computing/low heat/power definitely (my Peg1 is great in that V30 case I got from Gunne! ;) ), though my Peg2/G4 is from the first "noisy" batch (I guess I'll have to slap on a bigger heatsink one day)...

<bigfoot> I can afford it.

8. Please feel free to write anything you would like to our readers

<Piru> Have a great summer and holidays (if you didn't have yours already. If you did, don't break your back with work :-).

<CISC> Hope our answers were satisfying for everyone, and please arrange a new PUSH event ASAP, and this time the lot of you better be there! ;)

<bigfoot> Man kan plukke frugt med en brugt frugtplukker.

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Re: Q/A with Scandinavian MorphOS Development

(Score: 1)
by ironfist on Aug 02, 2004 - 21:09
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Thank you very much, Piru, CISC and Bigfoot for answering our questions.


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